GDC-Events is a pioneering electronic music experience company. We work with the world’s most talented and innovative DJ’s, musicians, creatives and artists to create dance events that bring people together, in places that thrill the senses.

Music is deeply rooted in our souls. It inspires us to create events where people can let go and ‘Celebrate Life’ together and as individuals.

Our aim is to spread joy, have fun and share ideas with the generations of tomorrow.

We encourage people to become aware of their individual and collective impact on the world, ecologically, socially and spiritually. We aim to expand this awareness and inspire others to help make our world a more joyful one.

At our live events and online, we interact with a massive amount of music lovers, DJs, artists, creatives and business partners. The way in which we deal with so much potential and responsibility is reflected in our business.

If you have questions regarding GDC-Events please contact us!