Deep House by Gianni Don Carlo

Four previously released Deep House mixes, mixed by Gianni Don Carlo:

Deep House Mix Vol. 1,  “Uno-X,
Deep House Mix Vol. 2,  “DeHo-X,
Deep House Mix Vol. 3,  “ChiLo-X”,
Deep House Mix Vol. 4,  “LoRe-X”.

The exclusive Deep House mixes starts with the concept by wave shape. The arrangement is based around a cool organ chord that lightens up the dark Deep House monster a bit however without cutting of the power and energy.

Deep House Mix Vol. 2 DeHo-X by Gianni Don Carlo is slowing down the tempo a little bit and opens the door to the harmonic and experimental area. Club land young talented Gianni Don Carlo left quite some impressions on the floors and behind the decks over the last year.

His Deep House mixes result in a mesmerizing piece of electronic music for the relaxing hours.

The four Deep House mixes summarize Gianni Don Carlo’s music in a very good way.

Minimal and deep is the basic line but still with an enormous amount of energy and driving beats. Moving, dancing and listening, you all find it in here. Deep relaxing sounds that represent the needed counterpart to the unbearable club mainstream out there.

“The ChiLo-X and the “LoRe-X” are a perfect deep relax gem, bass loaded and with a decent thrust coming out of the speakers. We especially fancy the hypnotic touch the vocals given to the tune.

Enjoy the Deep House sound of Gianni Don Carlo, also weekly at Beach Grooves Radio, Spain!

Deep House