Four previously released Deep House mixes, mixed by Gianni Don Carlo:

Deep House Mix Vol. 1, “Uno-X,
Deep House Mix Vol. 2, “DeHo-X
Deep House Mix Vol. 3, “ChiLo-X”
Deep House Mix Vol. 4, “LoRe-X”

Five new Tech House productions of Gianni Don Carlo:

Tech House Track 1, “I Know”,
Tech House Track 2,  “Saca la Lengua”,
Tech House Track 3,  “Orochata”,
Tech House Track 4,  “Xhosa”,
Tech House Track 5,  “Subconscious

And also four previously released Techno mixes, mixed by Gianni Don Carlo:

Techno Mix Vol. 1, “Take Off”
Techno Mix Vol. 2, “The Journey”
Techno Mix Vol. 3, “NeCoBa”,
Techno Mix Vol. 4, “The Cosmos”.